Residential Services

Spanning from the addition of sound isolating acoustic materials to full-room theater build-outs we are capable of turning your home into something much more.  Utilizing some of the highest-end electronics equipment and state-of-the-art acoustic treatments we can transform a simple space in your home into a moviegoer’s dream-come-true.  Featuring a vast amount of finishes, fabrics, and aesthetic cues you the customer can choose, our theaters are custom-built to your specs.  We also offer a variety of acoustic treatments to make any room in your home sound better, whether it be a game room, living room, or even a personal gym.  Many people underestimate the power of good acoustics and neglect to incorporate such treatments in their own homes.  But, most of these individuals are also unaware of the dramatic improvement in sound proper isolation and treatments have. Contact us today and find out how we can help make your everyday dwellings sound better or how we can bring the cinematic experience to your home instead of taking painstaking trips to the movie theater.